Seoul, South Korea
Arko Art Center

24 December 2022

Breathe with Me at Arko Art Center

On December 24, 2022, Breathe with Me was part of ARKO Art Center’s thematic group exhibition titled Local in the Making. The project aims at redefining locality by breaking away from the fixed concept of local to a process where various social relations intersect for transformation and generation.
It is anticipated that viewers will be able to build relations with elsewhere beyond physical places or imagine a temporary community in which emotional solidarity is possible, while examining the methods for social intervention to support life.

Photos by Junyoung Cho and Mihye Cha
Video by Sin Sigaji Video Production

Breathe with Me at Arko Art Center
Breathe with Me at Arko Art Center

I’ve never been so focused on either standing or breathing. Even if they’re something I do so easily every day. Every step and every breath gave me time to fully focus on myself, concentrating on the process with my eyes closed. I felt much cleaner and fresher as I expressed my breath in blue.

It felt like a meditation, feeling ‘myself’ through a breath and a line. I was a bit nervous at first but felt relieved as I finished the painting.

Breathe with Me at Arko Art Center
Breathe with Me at Arko Art Center

Usually, I don’t find the experience of being out of breath very enjoyable, but this feeling when I breathed out my whole breath at the same time actually doing something, and that this was being done with someone else beside me gave me a strange sense of liberation and comfort.
An experience that would have been different if done by myself! Breath breathed together!

What a meaningful time of breathing and art becoming one.

Breathe with Me at Arko Art Center

I believe I’ve never focused on the sense of inhaling and exhaling like this. There has always been ‘breath’ at the border between life and death, from focusing I felt something... I should continue appreciating each and every breath, inhaling and exhaling.

The aspect that ‘we can create it together’ was impressive, and I realized that collaborating with others could make more beautiful works than creating alone.

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